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FM broadcast receiver using AN7213 and TA7303

Here the circuit of an easy-to-assemble superhet for FM broadcast reception (87 ... 108 MHz). The reception frequency can be adjusted with a potentiometer by controlling the capacitance diode. The tuning unit (tuner) is built with the AN7213:

The IF part works with a type TA7303 circuit. A measuring instrument can be connected as a tuning or field strength indicator. The IF section is designed as follows:

In principle, the circuit is also suitable for receiving the 2m band. However, in order to achieve better selectivity, I recommend using a double-super IF part. To do this, the IF section would have to be re-dimensioned to 455 kHz. A mixer must then be inserted between the input and the IF section to convert the IF from 10.7 MHz to 455 kHz. Otherwise the image selection would be completely inadequate with such a small IF.

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