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80/40/20m receiver assembly RKT-100S

This simple superheterodyne receiver for receiving the three amateur bands 80m, 40m and 20m was available as an assembly respectively as a kit from the company Radio RIM. A self-oscillating mixing stage is followed by a two-stage IF amplifier. This is followed by the demodulator and a single-stage AF amplifier. For a complete receiver device, an amplifier for speaker reception could then be connected to the audio output.

The module was designed only for the reception of AM transmissions, which were then still widely used on the amateur bands. A BFO was not available, so that no telegraphy reception was possible. The receiver was also less suitable for retrofitting this, since the frequency stability of this simple concept was not sufficient for usable CW and certainly also for SSB reception. So it was meant primarily for newcomers to hear what one say in AM on the bands.

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