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The DL0VV direct conversion receiver

In the April issue 1972 of the journal Elektor, the blueprint for a simple receiver for the 80m band was published. It was intended as a craft project for amateur radio beginners and was developed by DK2GBX and DJ9RW from the club station DL0VV. It was a very useful direct mix receiver.

The October issue published a review that contained some bug fixes. In this diagram those are considered. The oscillator output is suitable for connecting a frequency counter. It can also be connected to an RF power amplifier and the circuit can be extended to a CW transceiver.

I set up such a receiver in free wiring. Apart from the lack of sideband suppression, he provided very satisfactory results. The photos show a DL0VV receiver builded on the original board by created by Karl-Heinz, DL6HAH. Heartly thanks to him for the fotographs!

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