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The audio preamplifier IC LD3001

The LD3001 integrated circuit, manufactured using thin-film hybrid technology, is particularly suitable for audio preamplifiers and driver stages, but other low-frequency and DC applications are also conceivable. Above all, it was used as a pre- and driver stage in transformer-coupled AF push-pull amplifiers. A THD value of 3% is specified for the non-linear distortions.

The internal circuit consists of a total of eight resistors and two NPN transistors. The permissible supply voltage range extends up to 15 volts. The housing is similar to the ZIP-9 design and has the dimensions 12 x 10 x 3 mm. The connections are brought out in the form of wires.

If the IC cannot be procured as a spare part in the event of a defect, it can easily be replaced with a replica of the specified internal circuit. Using SMD components, the circuit can be assembled almost as small as the original.

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