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Slow-running signal generators

A sine oscillator for frequencies below 6.5 Hz

This sine wave oscillator works with a Wien bridge. It is particularly well suited for use in guitar effect devices or as a tremolo or vibrato generator in electronic music instruments.

The generated frequency of about 6.5 Hz is particularly well suited for use in a tremolo effect unit. The frequency of about 0.01 Hz generated with the component values given in parentheses is suitable in conjunction with flanger or phaser effects to produce jet sounds.

A triangular oscillator for 0.1 to 10 Hz

The generator shown here according to the integrator trigger principle is suitable, for example, for use in guitar effect devices (flanger, phaser, chorus, etc.), as an LFO in electronic music instruments or even in measurement technology. It works in the frequency range of approx. 0.1Hz ... 10Hz.

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