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Sample list for planning device construction

  1. Determination of the given technical possibilities through literature study, internet research or inspection of documents (manuals or circuit diagrams) of comparable devices.
  2. List of the required technical data and properties. This list contains information on input variables, output variables, ranges, accuracy, power supply, weight or mass, volume and shape, resistance to shaking (stability), climatic behavior (humidity, temperature) and reliability.
  3. Determination of possible components, data sheet study, availability research.
  4. Collecting and sorting of data, for example consideration of component-specific properties, technical or electronic parameters and mechanical data.
  5. Selection or design of a suitable circuit diagram taking into account the specialist literature or the circuit diagrams of sample devices or simply by personal experience. For more extensive projects, creation of first test setups of partial circuits. Creation of records of changes and test results.
  6. Decision regarding the basic structure, i.e. between possibilities such as compact construction, modular construction or mixed technology. Moreover decision of regarding the construction technology as manual wiring, chassis construction, breadboard construction, assembly on a circuit board, here options such as etching (PCB), milling technology or build on a universal board with solder stripes or points.
  7. Decision regarding the power supply (battery, accumulator, mains or on-board power supply, solar or combined operation).
  8. Estimation of the volume requirement and related housing planning respectively as well as selection and determination of the position of use.
  9. Creation of assembly sketches for electronics, technology and housing.
  10. Circuit assembly, housing mount and overall building.
  11. Trial operation and optimization of the circuit or the complete device. Rebuilding if the desired result cannot be achieved at this stage.
  12. Final commissioning.

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